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Tip #247
Compact Handscrew Storage

There are a lot of different ways to store handscrews in the shop. Some folks make complex, stacking-type holders that you drop your handscrews into.

Others clamp them around a vertically or horizontally positioned board that's screwed to the wall - or clamp them around the ceiling joists in a basement or wall studs in a garage shop. The one inconvenient thing about the clamping approach is…If you want the maximum number of clamps in the minimum space, you should alternate handle positions as you clamp them. Even then, it's tough to tighten them when their jaws are touching.

An interesting solution:

Instead, use screws to fasten an ordinary, straight-grained 2" X 4" to the shop wall - wide side against the wall. Lay out and bore a series evenly positioned holes along the outwardly-facing wide face of your 2" X 4".

These holes should be the same approximate diameter as the wooden handles of your handscrews. Position the holes as closely as you want, since there is no need for clearance to allow for jaw-tightening around your "holder".

To store your handscrews, simply poke the wooden handles into the pre-bored holes. No tightening. No fiddling.

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