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Tip #152
Tuning your MARK V for optimal performance
Part 3 of 3

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NOTE: Many of the operations covered in the 3-part MARK V Tune-Up Series cannot be adequately explained in this e-mail - or require a number of photos and/or illustrations for a thorough understanding.

For that reason, we recommend that you refer to the Maintenance section of your MARK V Owner's Manual for a full explanation. If you don't have an Owner's Manual, contact Customer Services TOLL-FREE at 1-800-543-7586 to order a copy.

Beyond occasional cleaning and lubrication, the Shopsmith MARK V is a practically maintenance-free machine. However, to maintain its optimal performance, a few very simple procedures are required from time-to-time. Here's the last in our three-part series on what we suggest:

MARK V Maintenance Schedule

As Required

  • Clean Saw Guards & Sanding Disc
  • Sharpen non-carbide Saw Blades, Lathe Chisels & Drill Bits

Every 5 hours running time

  • Clean and wax the MARK V (see Parts 1 & 2 in this 3-Part series for specifics on what to clean & wax)

Every 10 hours running time

  • Repeat preceding steps
  • Lubricate Drive & Idler Shafts Check action of Anti-Kickback System & Lower Guard - wax Splitter on Lower Guard - lubricate Drill Chuck

Every 25 hours running time (or once a year, if not used)

  • Lubricate Sheaves (see Manual for detailed, step-by-step instructions)

Every 50 hours running time

  • Repeat preceding steps
  • Lubricate Headstock Lock (see Manual for detailed, step-by-step instructions)

If you're having problems with your Shopsmith MARK V, start by referring to the Troubleshooting Chart in your Owner's Manual. If you are unable to find the solution to your problem there...or of you don't have an Owner's Manual, please feel free to call our TOLL-FREE Technical Services Hotline at 1-800-762-7555 for assistance.

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