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Tip #153
Tuning-Up Your Shopsmith Strip Sander

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Tuning your Shopsmith Strip Sander for optimal performance:

The Shopsmith Strip Sander is a very simple machine with just a few key components. As a result, it requires very little maintenance beyond an occasional cleaning. Here's what we suggest:


  • All of the bearings and bushings in your Shopsmith Strip Sander are of the self-lubricating variety and require no oil, graphite or other form of lubrication.


  • As with all stationery power tools, an occasional vacuuming, brushing or blowing-out with an air hose is always a good idea. Accumulated sawdust and chips are a magnet for moisture that should be eliminated at every opportunity.
  • Watch the Drive and Idler Wheels closely for pitch build-up and clean occasionally with a toothbrush and mineral spirits.
  • Periodically, coat the Work Table surface with a high quality furniture PASTE wax and buff. This will help your workpieces glide more easily and smoothly across the surface during operations.

If you're having problems with your Shopsmith Strip Sander, start by referring to the Troubleshooting Chart in your Owner's Manual. If you are unable to find the solution to your problem there...or of you don't have an Owner's Manual, please feel free to call our TOLL-FREE Technical Services Hotline at 1-800-762-7555 for assistance.

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