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Tip #206
Throw away your wood putty and fill your unsightly wood cracks with honest-to-goodness WOOD !

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Many woodworkers automatically reach for the wood filler when dealing with cracks and splits…only to discover that their "filler" doesn't take a stain that will match the rest of the wood surface. The next time this happens to you, try this simple, 4-step process:

STEP 1: Start by widening and evening-out your crack or split. The object is to make the crack or split straight and consistent in width. For this process, use an artist's X-Acto knife or an old hacksaw blade with a wooden handle duct-taped to one end. Work your knife or saw blade back-and-forth carefully and slowly, being careful to keep the crack or split straight.

STEP 2: Next, use your table saw to shave off a thin sliver of matching wood that's the same length and width of your crack or split. Don't worry about whether or not your sliver is too wide and destined to protrude above your wood surface.

STEP 3: Glue your sliver into the crack and allow it to dry thoroughly.

STEP 4: Start by hand-planing your sliver down until it's just "proud" of your wood 's surface. Finally, sand it down until it's even with the surface and stain to match. That's it !


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