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Tip #102
How to Sand Crosscuts

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1. Prepare a piece of stock 3/4" x 2-1/2" x 10".

2. Start motor and set speed dial at "Disc Sand". Stop motor.

3. Set MARK V in Disc Sander position.

4. Place miter gauge in left table slot.

5. Set fence on right side of table.

6. Place stock on table, edge against miter gauge and end butted against fence.

7. Position left end of stock 1" beyond left edge of table in line with the center of the down turning side of sanding disc by adjusting fence, miter gauge, and table. Lock carriage.

8. Position headstock to place sanding disc 1" away from left end of stock. Lock headstock.

9. Hold stock firmly down on table and against miter gauge.

10. Start motor and feed disc into stock.

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11. When stock is smooth, turn end for end and repeat sanding.

Note: a) The use of miter gauge safety grip, when performing this and similar operations which require quill control by the left hand greatly simplifies performance and contributes to accuracy. b) While sanding, slide stock back and forth between rim and center of disc by moving miter gauge. This movement spreads the wood dust over the paper which tends to prevent burning of the stock due to a "loaded band".

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