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Tip #207
Saw Table Picture Frame Clamp

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Here's an interesting approach for using your saw's table and rip fence for clamping together small "frames" or boxes with mitered corners.

Remove your Table Saw's Miter Gauge from its slot and "stand" a 3" or 4" wide piece of 3/4" thick stock vertically, on edge in the saw table's Miter Gauge slot.

Lay a piece of newspaper on your worktable surface (between these two "fences") to protect the surface from glue squeeze-out.

Position your rip fence opposite this standing wooden "fence"…with two of your project's sides in-between, then gradually move the rip fence closer until the components on these two opposing sides are properly located.

Next, locate the remaining two workpieces (for your 4-sided project) where they should go and use a pair of bar clamps to "put the squeeze" on them from the opposite (perpendicular) direction.


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