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Tip #155
Belt Sander Tune-Up

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Tuning your Shopsmith Belt Sander for optimal performance:

The Shopsmith Belt Sander very few moving parts. As a result, it requires very little maintenance beyond an occasional cleaning. Here's what we suggest:


  • The bearings and bushings in your Shopsmith Belt Sander are of the self-lubricating variety and require no oil, graphite or other form of lubrication.


  • After every hour or so of running time, remove the Belt and use an air compressor or the reverse airflow from your shop vacuum to occasionally blow out all of the nooks and crevices of your Shopsmith Belt Sander.
  • Check your Sanding Belts frequently for impacted dust. Use an Abrasive Cleaning Stick to clean the dust from the Belts.
  • Check Belts frequently for wear and tear. Don't sand with a belt if:
    • The Belt won't track properly
    • The grit is so worn that it won't abrade wood without excessive pressure
    • The Belt fabric develops a tear or a hole

Maintenance Schedule:
Here is our suggested maintenance schedule for your Shopsmith Belt Sander. In all cases "Hours" means hours of running time:

  • If you notice an unusual noise or vibration, stop the machine immediately and check the Belt and other adjustments. Do NOT operate your Belt Sander until you have corrected the problem.
  • Every hour of running time, brush/blow out the Belt Sander completely
  • Every 10 hours, Repeat previous steps - plus - check all alignments and adjustments. Unwind any belt threads from drum shafts. Coat the Backup Plate, Work Table Surface & Mounting Rods, and the Tilt Slide with a high quality furniture PASTE wax and buff. This will help your workpieces glide more easily and smoothly across the surface during operations and protect metal surfaces from the formation of rust.
  • Every 50 hours, Repeat previous steps - plus - check the Trunion Guides for wear and galling (roughening) and remove any galling with a fine file or whetstone before waxing and buffing the Guides thoroughly.

If you're having problems with your Shopsmith Belt Sander, start by referring to the Troubleshooting Chart in your Owner's Manual. If you are unable to find the solution to your problem there...or of you don't have an Owner's Manual, please feel free to call our TOLL-FREE Technical Services Hotline at 1-800-762-7555 for assistance.

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