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Tip #208
Pipe Clamp workbench hold-downs

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Ordinary pipe clamp fixtures make great workbench hold-downs.

Start with a set of conventional pipe clamp fixtures and some pipe flanges. You can use the fixtures from either 1/2" or 3/4" pipe, depending on what you have available.

First, drill a series of through-holes in the top of your workbench. Locate them where you figure you'll be needing them and make these holes the same inside diameter as the outside diameter of the threaded "boss" in the pipe flanges you'll be using.

Insert the flange(s) up from the underside of your bench and screw them into position.

Finally, purchase some 1/2" or 3/4" pipe nipples in the lengths you need for clamping projects of different thicknesses.

Thread one end of the nipple into the flange(s)…and the other onto the adjustable end of your pipe clamp(s).

You're now ready for some serious benchtop clamping.


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