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Tip #52
Shopsmith Jig Saw

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The Shopsmith Jigsaw is no longer manufactured. However, information about the jigsaw is included in this book as a reference for those woodworkers who purchased one when it was part of the Shopsmith Woodworking System.

Because the jigsaw can cut curves of very short radius with an extremely fine kerf, it is especially adapted to intricate scroliwork and fretwork. It is also used for pierc-ing cuts, pad sawing and cutting components for inlay, intarsia (wood mosaic), marquetry (inlaid veneer), and intricately pieced design work in metals.

Setup and Features

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Figure 16-1. The jigsaw can be mounted on the MARK V as shown or on a Shopsmith Power Stand.

To set up your jigsaw, follow the instructions in the Owners Manual that came with your jigsaw. Some of the special features of the jigsaw are:

  • The jigsaw mounts on the Mark V (Figure 16-1) or a Shopsmith Power Stand.
  • When the jigsaw is mounted on the Mark V, a complementary tool can be run on the main spindle. An ideal combination, since you will be doing curve cutting, is jigsaw and drum sander (Figure 16-2).Another possibility is jigsaw and disc sander. Always remember: On dual setups, the speed range you use must be that of the slower tool.
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    Figure 16-2. The jigsaw can be used in combination with the drum sander as shown, or the disc sander.
    The jigsaw converts to a sabre saw for cutting large workpieces or making piercing cuts in thick stock.
  • The jigsaw will cut stock up to 1-3/4" thick. The distance between the blade and the bend in the arm (throat distance) is 18", making it possible to saw to the center of a board 36" wide. With the arm removed, the size of stock that you can saw is limited only by what you can safely control.
  • The blade chucks will accept blades up to 1/4' wide, and 5" long. These chucks can be indexed 90, so that you can work with the width of the blade either perpendicular or parallel to the arm. When the blade width is parallel to the arm, you have an unlimited cutoff capacity. The stroke of the blade is 7/8".
  • The table can be tilted from "0" to 45 right (away from the arm). It has an adjustable positive stop at "0."
  • The jigsaw has a blower that keeps the cutline clear.

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