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Tip #209
Put an end to brush-cleaning solvent waste.

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Using a round or square can to clean paintbrushes can be pretty wasteful. That's because most paintbrushes are shaped like a narrow rectangle. So, loading-up a round or square can for the cleaning process will cause you to use way more solvent than you need for the job.

So, what's the answer? Simple…find a container with a shape that more closely matches the shape of your brush.

Where do you find such a container? How about the oval-shaped, plastic, one-pint bottles that come to you filled with woodworker's glue?

Just cut off the tops, so the bottles are about 3" to 4" high…then drill a 3/16" hole through the handle of your brush so that you can slip a nail through the hole and use it to suspend the tips of your bristles just slightly above the bottom of your container.

Insert the brush as described above and fill the bottle until the solvent just covers your bristle tops. Allow to soak for a while, then clean and dry the bristles. You'll use far less solvent than with round or square cans.

NOTE: This approach will not work, of course, for lacquer brushes, as lacquer thinner will dissolve your plastic container.


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