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Tip #53
Shopsmith Ovararm Pin Router

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The Shopsmith Routing System is a home or small shop version of a commercial machine that was originally developed for high-speed mass duplication of furniture parts and components.

In the overarm mode of operation, a rigid arm holds a router motor securely in a fixed position over the table surface. The arm itself has a built-in quill-feed lever that controls the depth-of-cut.

During the duplication process, the routing system suspends a router motor and bit above a precisely aligned pin which protrudes up from the table surface and rides in a precut groove in the underside of a guiding fixture. By guiding fixture. By guiding the fixture over the pin, the operator can cut the identical design or shape in a workpiece attached to the top (or opposite) side of the fixture.

In the under-table mode, the base of your router is attached to the underside of the table. When the router is installed in this manner, the router bit will protrude up through the table surface.

Besides the obvious time-saving benefits of high-speed duplication, the routing system also offers certain safety advantages by providing improved visibility and control of the work, as well as the ability to perform operations on smaller workpieces that would be almost impossible to grip firmly while using a hand-held router.

The routing system will cut-out, shape, mold, mortise, duplicate and form intricate, professional-looking joinery for a wide variety of projects.

Setup and Features

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Figure 22-1. The Shopsmith Routing System.

To set up your routing system, follow the instructions in the Owners Manual that came with your Routing System.

The Shopsmith Routing System (Figure 22-1) offers a number of unique features:

  • In the overarm mode, the throat capacity of the routing system ranges from 13-5/8" to 15-1/8" (depending upon the diameter of the router motor being used).
  • By moving the arm to the top of the steel column, projects up to 12" thick can be worked in either the overarm or under-table mode with ease.
  • In the overarm mode, the arm holds any router motor from 2-1/2" to 4" in diameter firmly in position.
  • For under-table routing, a universal table plate will accept virtually any router base for quick, simple mounting.
  • The routing system's precision rack-and-pinion vertical feed mechanism offers up to 3-1/2" of vertical travel to provide easy depth-of-cut control during over-arm operations.
  • A large see-through guard keeps your hands and fingers out of the danger zone, protects your eyes, and directs debris to a dust collection system.
  • The worktable is 30" wide by 18" deep and offers over 7" of front-to-back adjustment. It can be locked into position at any location. Its smooth, laminated surface offers a large number of threaded holes to enable the convenient attachment of optional feather boards, fences and other devices to improve workpiece control and safety during operations.
  • The built-in miter rail allows the use of the Shopsmith Miter Gauge as a guide or safety device during operations.
  • Interchangeable table inserts provide adequate workpiece support when using a variety of different sized router bits.
  • Screw-in guide pins allow precision pin routing with a variety of bit sizes.
  • The optional two-piece adjustable fence is used to guide workpieces during straight-line routing and for mounting fence ex-tensions and stop blocks.

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