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Tip #211
Put a shine on that measuring tape !

Tape measures can be finicky tools. You run it out to take your measurement…then push the button to retract and guess what ?

Either it starts retracting at a pace that makes a snail look like it's making a run down the Bonneville Salt Flats….or it doesn't move at all without some serious help.

So…what do you do? Throw it away ? Tear it apart to see what's wrong ?

Nope. Try this suggestion. First, extend the tape all the way out of its case and wipe it off carefully with a clean rag. If you have an air compressor, blow the dust out of the case as best you can.

Next, coat the tape with paste wax and allow it to dry before buffing it out. The wax coating will help keep sawdust and debris from sticking to the tape…and it will operate much more smoothly.

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