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MARK V and Electricity

As you know, we can never over emphasize safe operating practices, and Iíve been wanting to share with you some special safety precautions.

At all times during use the Shopsmith Mark V should be grounded to protect the operator from electric shock. Here are some tips for proper grounding:

The Shopsmith Mark V cord should always be fitted into a proper grounding type receptacle. For this reason the Mark V is equipped with an approved three-conductor cord and a 3-prong grounding type plug. The green conductor in the cord is the grounding wire and should never be connected to a live terminal in an outlet box.

Use only three-wire extension cords which have three-prong grounding type plugs and three-hole receptacles which accept the toolís plug. For the safety and well-being of the built-in motor it is always preferable to have the Mark V connected to an independent line without extension cords. If it is found necessary to use and extension cord, it must be of a heavy enough gauge cord to provide the proper current. For extension cords up to 20 feet, use no less than 14 gauge, three conductor cord, and for 20-100 feet use no less that 10 gauge three conductor wire.

Also, please remember that the cord and plug should be replaced immediately, if they become damaged.

Letís all practice these additional safety measures for more enjoyable woodworking.

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