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Tip #4
Using the Shopsmith Molder to Make Decorative Accents and Picture Frames

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Making Decorative Moldings

Decorative moldings offer a simple way to “dress-up” and accentuate a room. When properly used, it can create an optical illusion of space and height while adding a new visual reference point to an otherwise plain room. Moldings can bring added attention to a pleasing feature of a room such as a bay window or a fireplace - or conversely, to draw the eye AWAY from problem areas.

Surprisingly enough, often just a couple of Knives can be used to cut a multitude of different shaped moldings by simply tilting your worktable to change the angle of the cut as it's made in your workpiece.

Start by selecting your stock to fit your budgeting and decorative parameters. Remember that the best moldings always come from straight, clear stock that's free of knots and warpage. Although clear pine is the least expensive, poplar makes a great substitute and can usually be stained to match practically any wood you like. If you want true “class”, try oak, walnut or cherry. The choice is yours.

First, rip your stock to the desired width...and while you're at it, remember to prepare about 20% more stock than you think you'll need to allow for Knife set-ups and cutting errors.

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