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How are sandpapers graded?
Cloth or paper backing?
Open or closed coat?
Hand or power sanding?
Which power sander is best?
Important sanding tips

Tip #5
Everything you need to know about Sanding!
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Open or closed coat?

With the exception of Flint, all abrasives are available in a choice of two coatings. Open Coat papers are made with their abrasive materials covering only 50% to 70% of the backing surface. Since the open areas between their abrasive particles will allow the dust and residue to fall out more easily with less “loading”, they're best used for machine sanding operations or for sanding resinous or gummy materials. All Shopsmith abrasives are Open Coat.

Closed Coat papers have a solid covering of abrasive materials. As a result, there is more cutting surface on the paper, resulting in a faster cutting action. However, Closed Coat papers will “load up” more quickly. For these reasons, Closed Coat papers are best reserved for hand sanding operations.

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