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Expanding and Enriching Your Woodworking!

Veneering Expanding and enriching your woodworking! Veneering, one of mankind's most ancient crafts, is quite simply the covering of more common woods with a thin laminate or layer of fine, decorative wood. Veneer itself is a thin sheet of wood, generally “shaved” to a standard thickness of between 1/28th to 1/60th of an inch (roughly the thickness of six sheets of paper).

Veneering In Your Workshop
Consider the advantages of veneering. Fine faced veneers cost a fraction of similar quality lumber, and are more uniform in color and grain. Veneers are perfectly smooth and easy to finish. Properly applied, veneers don't shrink, crack, or expand. Veneers are available in a far wider variety of beautiful and distinctively grained hardwoods than lumber. Veneered projects often look more expensive and professional.

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