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Using Adhesives

If you use veneer, without the pressure sensitive backing, you'll need to follow these additional steps. Follow Steps 1. and 2. above, Next:

3. With a paint roller or good quality brush, apply adhesive evenly and smoothly to the entire surface to be covered or, with spray contact cement apply per manufacturer's direction. Always work in well ventilated areas. Allow drying time according to the manufacturer's instructions. Next, test with a piece of paper; if paper doesn't stick or pull adhesive, the adhesive is dry. Apply a second coat only for very porous surfaces.

4. Apply adhesive evenly and smoothly to the entire backside of the veneer sheet. Allow 10-15 minutes to set up. Test as in Step 3. A very slight tack will allow workability.

5. Use a slip sheet (heavy craft paper) if the surface to be covered is more than 6"x 36". Cut the slip sheet larger than the veneer sheet. Place slip sheet over the surface to be covered.

6. Place the veneer sheet on top of the slip sheet. (If you're not using a slip sheet, place the veneer sheet directly on the surface to be covered.) Position the veneer sheet to overhang all edges to the surface to be covered.

7. Carefully move the slip sheet about 5" at a time from under the veneer.

8. Use a fiber board knife and firm pressure to smooth the veneer with the grain. Do not use a metal scraper or wood block. Us a warm iron (set between wool and cotton setting) to reactivate the adhesive, if needed. Always place heavy paper on the veneer and keep the iron moving. Do not apply pressure to areas where slip sheet (if used) has not been removed.

9. Wait 15 minutes. Next, with a razor, sharp chisel (sharp side down) or knife, trip edges with the grain.

10. Allow at least 24 hours for the adhesive to dry.

11. Using 220-grit sandpaper, lightly sand the veneer with the grain. Wipe clean, and apply finish.

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