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Tip #164
Tightening the fit of dadoes and grooves

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Often, when we're trying to get a board to fit snugly into a dado or groove, we forget the fact that ALL boards are not planed to identical thicknesses. If we don't have a thickness planer, the first choice of most woodworkers is often to widen the dado or groove to accommodate the mating workpiece.

As we all know, this isn't always easy. Making micro-adjustments to most dado blades can be a time-consuming process. So, what's the easy solution?

Quite simply...adjust the thickness of the mating workpiece, instead. Set your table saw's depth-of-cut to the exact depth of your groove or dado...adjust your rip fence to the width of your dado or groove...and "shave" the excess off the mating edge of your workpiece to create a perfect fit.

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