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Tip #165
Stowaway shop light is always ready

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Remember the last time you needed just a bit more light to get a better view of what you were doing?

It's not unusual. Often, overhead lights aren't enough...and machine lamps are typically "omni-directional"...being able to shine light in one direction only.

What about those times when you need light coming from TWO or more directions? Here's a trick to remember.

Start with a mechanic's drop light on a retractable reel. Mount it on the ceiling near the center of your shop...or at least the center of the area where you do most of your work.

Then, purchase an inexpensive photo tripod at a flea market or garage sale and make yourself a clamping device that attaches to the top of the tripod and holds your drop light's handle.

Since most tripods swivel in multiple directions, you should be able to pull your light down when you need it...attach it to the tripod...and go to work with all the illumination you could ask for.

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