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Tip #61
Build a Lawn/Patio Chair

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If you've priced well-designed, sturdy, outdoor furniture, then you know you'll be well ahead if you built it yourself. Our outdoor furniture plans give you the opportunity to construct durable, easy-to-build lawn furniture at a fraction of retail prices. And you'll enjoy hour furniture (and the satisfaction of having built it yourself) for years to come.

We designed the chair to be very adaptable. With a few dimension changes, it can easily become a lounge chair or love seat. If you change a few more dimensions, you can have a bench/sofa (but you must increase the thickness of stock for the seat slats to 1-1/8 inches).

Our comfortable lawn chair is constructed of number two white pine which we selectively picked. Why white pine for an outdoor project? Mainly to show you an alternative to the more expensive weather-resistant woods. Our chair is treated with a transparent penetrating oil stain that's especially formulated for exterior use. Better quality stains contain additives that repel water, resist mildew, and protect wood from the sun.

For outdoor projects, you're still better off paying extra and choosing a good weather-resistant wood, such a redwood, cedar, oak, teak, or even pressure-treated lumber.

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