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Tip #9
Dust Collector

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Figure 25-1. The Shopsmith DC3300 Dust Collector

The Dust Collector (Figure 25-1) provides an efficient and effective means to collect wood shavings and sawdust from your workshop. Unlike conventional shop vacuums, the Dust Collector is designed to collect and filter the large volume of dust and shavings produced by modern woodworking equipment. When used in conjunction with efficient dust collection chutes and attachments, the Dust Collector will help you approach dust-free woodworking.

The “heart” of the Dust Collector is a large industrial blower which moves large volumes of air. Sawdust and wood shavings pass through the blower, slow down, and then settle in the disposable bag. The air returns to the room after passing through a large, permanent filter capable of capturing even the smallest wood dust particles.

When you put your hand over the end of the Dust Collector hose you will not feel the high vacuum, or sealed suction, of a home or shop vacuum. A home vacuum cleaner needs this sealed suction to move air through small openings. A typical shop vacuum also requires a high sealed suction when used for water pickup. The large airflow of the Dust Collector can be felt by placing a few fingers into the end of the hose. The airflow of the Dust Collector is much higher than any home or shop vacuum.

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