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Dust Collector
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Assembly and Features

Figure 25-2. The standard accessories for the Dust Collector are: (A) two 2-1/2" x 8' flexible pickup hoses, (B) floor nozzle, (C) two extension wands, (D) 2-1/2" to 1-1/4" reducer, (E) utility nozzle, (F) elbow brush, (G) two inlet plugs, (H) six 30-gallon waste disposal bags, and two inlet plug caps (not shown).

Use the standard accessories or your choice of optional accessories shown in Figures 25-2 and 25-3 for dust collection operations. To assemble your Dust Collector, follow the instructions in the Owners Manual that came with your unit. Also, pay special attention to the electrical requirements listed in the manual.

Some of the important


features of your Dust Collector are:

Figure 25-3. Some optional accessories for the Dust Collector are: (B) 24" Filter Hood, (C) Bandsaw Dust Chute, (D) 2-1/2" Hose Connector (coupler), (E) 2-1/2" Elbow, (F) Six 30-gallon waste disposal bags, and (G) Remote Foot Switch and 4" inlet assembly (not shown).
  • The large airflow and filter capacity make it suitable for other dust producing activities such as drywall sanding (Figure 25-4). Through use, you'll discover more.
  • The heavy polyester/felt filter hood filters out sawdust particles from the air and returns virtually dust-free air to the room. The standard seven square feet of filter area allows the Dust Collector to move air at normally 330 cubic feet per minute (cfm).
  • A choice of hook-ups gives you greater versatility. For portable operation using the standard 3-way inlet, you can connect one 2-1/2" diameter hose or use two or three hoses simultaneously. For equipment that has a 4" dust chute or for a permanent piping dust collection system, an optional 4" inlet assembly can be substituted. Its elbow can be set at four different positions 90-degrees apart.
  • Figure 25-4. Use your Dust Collector for other dust producing activities such as drywall sanding.
    The powerful 1/2 hp motor is enclosed to keep out harmful dust particles, is fan cooled, and has no brushes to wear out.
  • The large 4-vane fan creates maximum airflow to eliminate the settling of debris in the hoses.
  • The heavy duty, see-through collection bag has a 30 gallon capacity and is 4 mils thick. A quickrelease strap and bag retainer clips make changeovers a one person job.
  • The oversize wheels and casters provide easy mobility while making the Dust Collector relatively tip-proof.
  • Standard accessories include (Figure 25-2):
    - The durable and kink-resistant flexible hoses attach to stationary or hand-held power woodworking equipment having 2-1/4" dust chutes.
    - The reducer allows you to connect equipment with 1-1/4" chutes found on older models of the Mark V Model 500 and Belt Sander.
    - The two extension wands eliminate back bending for floor cleanup.
    - The floor nozzle has a built-in brush and roller wheels for quick and easy floor work.
    - The utility nozzle is designed for bench top cleaning and for tight spots where the floor nozzle is too big.
    - The elbow brush can be used for sweeping shelves, walls, equipment, or workpieces.
  • Optional accessories include (Figure 25-3):
    - The hose rack, on which you can neatly store your hoses, including extras.
    - The 4" Inlet Assembly, used to build a permanent dust collection piping system (described later in this chapter).
    - The extra large 24" filter hood has twice the capacity as the standard filter hood, allowing twice as much time between cleanings.
    - The remote foot switch give you convenient and complete control of the Dust Collector.

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