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Tip #166
Quick spilled nail pickup

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Help with Downloading PDF Files're working away on a project and all of a sudden - CRASH ! You drop a full box or can of nails onto a workshop floor that's knee-deep in sawdust. What a mess!

So...what's the best solution? A magnet, of course (as long as the nails aren't made of aluminum or another non-magnetic alloy). The stronger the magnet, the more efficient it will be at capturing the most nails with each swipe.

But....once you've got them "captured" on the magnet, how do you get them off without poking your fingers full of holes?

Simple....before getting started, wrap a piece of rugged cloth (such as denim or sailcloth) around the magnet. Pick up the nails....then fold the edges of your cloth around the captive nails, forming a "bag" of sorts...and pull it away from your magnet, bringing the nails with it.

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