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Tip #62
Build a Lawn/Patio Planter Box

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Building your own planter or container is gratifying because you can custom fit it to appropriate dimensions to meet your needs, plus you save over half the price of retail.

We designed a planter box slightly more challenging than some. Our planter utilizes compound miter cuts, and if you've never worked with these interesting and versatile angles, here's a relatively simple project to get you started.

Our design measurements are based around a standard Rubbermaid kitchen trash can (to be used as a liner for indoor/outdoor use). However, based on your needs and climate, you may want to change the measurements or not worry about an indoor/outdoor planter. In many case, be sure to provide adequate drainage for any plant as a totally sealed planting pot (as distinguished from planter) will eventually cause plant roots to rot and die.

As with our outdoor furniture projects, any weather resistant wood such as cedar, redwood, oak, teak, or even pressure-treated lumber will work well. For This planter, we used western red cedar.

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