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Shop Report Sharpening Guide

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Sharp lathe chisels are essential for turning. Putting a precise edge on a cutting tool is the key to a truly professional look and safe operation. The Sharpening Guide is an accessory for the Shopsmith MARK V. The MARK V is set up in the horizontal position and the Sharpening Guide is mounted either on the extension table or on the worktable, depending on the tool to be sharpened. The extension table (with modification) is used for sharpening lathe chisels, the worktable is used for sharpening bench chisels and also shaper cutters.

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Sharpening a skew.

The Sharpening Guide supports your chisels and shaper cutters while you sharpen them using the sanding disc and 150-grit aluminum-oxide sandpaper. The Sharpening Guide has four sharpening stations and a mounting hole for shaper cutters. The Sharpening Guide has specially designed, pre-set angles for Skew Chisels, Gouge Chisels, Parting Tools, Bench Chisels and Shaper Cutters. These pre-set angles allow you to move the chisel to the sanding disc (instead of the sanding disc to the chisel) during sharpening for even greater control and accuracy. The Sharpening Guide also pivots form 0° to 20° both left and right to sharpen scraping and shearing tools for angles 10° to 80°.

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Sharpening a gouge.

The drawings show the various set-up positions for sharpening your tools. Another feature of the Shopsmith Sharpening Guide is that it can also be mounted on the Shopsmith Belt Sander for sharpening lathe and bench chisels. This requires the use of a Fine, 150-grit, Aluminum-Oxide Sanding Belt and a speed setting from "Slow" to "D".

The Shopsmith Sharpening Guide, comes complete with: Sharpening Guide, 12" Sanding Disc, 12" 150-grit Aluminum-Oxide Sandpaper Disc, Template for Extension Table Modification, and Comprehensive Owner's Manual to give you step-by-step instructions on how to make your chisels and shaper cutters their sharpest and most accurate.

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Sharpening a bench chisel.
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Sharpening a shaper cutter.

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