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Tip #65
Making Picture Frames

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Whether they're grouped in patterns, hanging in pairs, or sitting on a mantel, pictures add a touch of hominess and elegance to every room in the house. Likewise, a well-crafted frame greatly enhances the beauty of the picture or photograph it holds.

But, purchasing wood frames can be quite expensive. Our frame designs and accompanying instructions can help you create beautiful frames to compliment your a fraction of retail cost.

Our frames were made with standard 3/4" wood. Select only wood with a straight grain. Avoid wood that's cupped, warped, or twisted.

Frame Stock

Fig. 1

1. Rip stock to 2-3/16" wide. Joint both edges, removing 1/32" from both sides.

2. Raise table to allow 3/32" of blade to project. Set the lock fence 1/4" away from blade. Place board's good face down on table and pass board over blade. Place other edge of board against fence and pass board over blade (see Fig. 1).


Fig. 2

3. Set saw table at 21-degrees, and miter gauge at 49-degrees. Use 1/4" x 1-1/2" carriage bolts with wing nuts to mount jig to miter gauge. The jig enables you to make the frame quickly and accurately (see Fig. 2).

4. Formula to determine the length and width of desired picture frame: length or width of picture plus two times stock width minus on inch (twice width of rabbet). For example, an 8 x 10 picture using 1-1/2" wide stock;
length is 10 + (2 x 1-1/2) - 1 = 12" long;
width is 8 + (2 x 1-1/2) - 1 = 10" wide.

Fig. 3

5. Miter gauge should be in right-hand slot for all cuts. Use jig to control left side of board. For accuracy, equip MARK V with carbide-tipped or hollow ground blade (see Fig. 3).

6. Using stop block on miter jig, set distance from block to inside of teeth (see Fig. 4).


Fig. 4

Fig. 5

7. Flip board end-for-end and make second cut. Turn saw off; let blade stop. Repeat process for second piece (see Fig. 5).

8. Change stop block position to cut other two sides (see Step 4).

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