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Tip #118
Jig For Sharpening Jointer Blades

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Here's a simple jig for grinding a perfectly straight, razor-sharp edge on your jointer knives.

Cut a 1/8" wide slot in a 6" length of 2 x 4 at a 45-degree angle*, as shown in the photo.

Next, pre-drill and drive a #12 x 1" roundhead wood screw (with washer) into your groove, 3/4" in from each end. Be sure the point of your screw will engage your Jointer Blade, when inserted into the slot.

Slide a dull Jointer Knife into the slot and tighten down the screws to hold it securely. Set up your MARK V in the Disc Sander mode, with the rip fence angled in ever so slightly towards the "down" side of the disc...just as you would if you were Disc Sanding several workpieces to the identical width. Load the sander with fine (100-grit) sandpaper.

Grind the knives at speed setting "D" by pushing the jig across the table, "up" side to "down" side, holding it firmly against the fence. The sander should just begin to scrape the knife as it passes to the side that is rotating downward. Make repeat passes, moving the disc in 1/64" at a time, until all the scores and nicks disappear form the knife.

If you would prefer to purchase a jig that's been designed and built specifically for sharpening Shopsmith Jointer Knives and Planer Blades...rather than build one here for complete details. This special Sharpener works with Shopsmith's Conical Sanding Disc to quickly and easily produce super-sharp edges on your knives.

* 45-degrees is a good all-purpose angle. However, this angle can be varied sltightly, if you work primarily with soft woods (use 42-degrees) or hardwoods (use 36-degrees).

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