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Tip #121
Table Saw Kickback Guide

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  • The kerf of the workpiece is closing up and pinching the rear of the saw blade.
  • The workpiece is wedging between the rip fence and the rear of the saw blade.
  • The workpiece is binding against the sides of the blade as it passes through the workpiece.


  • Always keep the upper and lower guards in place.
  • Never cut a workpiece freehand.
  • Never reach over the saw blade while the machine is running.
  • Keep saw blades sharp, properly set, and free of pitch.
  • Avoid cutting wet or pitchy wood.
  • Remember the anti-kickback mechanism is not effective when 8" diameter blades are used.
  • When crosscutting, always use the miter gauge and hold the workpiece firmly against the protractor to assure a straight cut.
  • When crosscutting, never use the rip fence with the miter gauge unless you mount a stop block to the rip fence. This prevents the workpiece from binding between the rip fence, miter gauge, and saw blade.
  • When ripping, always use the rip fence to guide and support the work.
  • Make sure the rip fence is parallel to the blade.
  • When cross beveling, always place the miter gauge on the downward side of the worktable.
  • Always cut with the smooth, hard surface of the workpiece against the worktable.
  • Never stand directly in line with the rotation of a moving blade.


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