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Tip #175
All about Router Bits - Part 4
Router Bit Profiles - Bits for Grooving & Panel-Cutting

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Router Bits are available in a wide variety of profiles for performing many different specialized jobs.

The 10 bits shown here are designed for grooving and for making cutouts in panels. These bits typically have no pilots.

Veining Bits...round bottomed bits for decorative grooves, carving, inlay work and lettering.
Straight Bits ...flat bottomed bits that cut on the sides and bottom. For routing grooves, cuting dadoes and rabbets, mortising, carving and leveling recesses.
Vee Groove Bits...V-shaped bits for decorative carving, sign work, chamfering edges, fluting and lettering.
Core Box Bits...rounded bits for carving and fluting flat surfaces such as drain-boards, servers and tables.
3-in-1 Bits...bits that cut a straight side up to 1-1/4" deep, make a smooth rounded corner and shape a perfectly flat bottom in a single pass.
Hinge Mortising Bits...bits specifically designed to mortise areas for hinges. Also used for dadoes, rabbets and stock removal.
Dovetail Bits ...bits used to form sliding dovetail joints and dadoes in furniture.
Tee Slot Bits...T-shaped bits for cutting hanging slots in plaques and picture frames or routing sliding tracks.
Round Nose Bits...similar in design and purpose to core box bits, yet offer longer cutting edges for forming deeper grooves or flutes.
Panel Bits...These bits have a tip like a drill bit with a pilot just above it. The tip drills through your workpiece, then the workpiece can be moved to cut grooves and lattice work, cutouts for sinks in countertops, and slots in paneling for electrical boxes.

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