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Tip #176
All about Router Bits - Part 5
Router Bit Profiles - Bits for Edge-Cutting & Trimming

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Router Bits are available in a wide variety of profiles for performing many different specialized jobs.

The 9 bits shown here are designed for cutting decroative edging (or joinery profiles) and for trimming workpiece edges. These bits are typically piloted.

Rabbeting Bits...for joints along workpiece edges or step cutting.
Camfering Bits ...for decorative chamfers on thick edges.
Cove Bits...for decorative edging and the concave side of drop-leaf table joints.
Beading Bits...for all-purpose edging and the convex side of drop-leaf table joints.
Corner Round Bits...for decorative edging on all types of projects.
Roman Ogee Bits...for large decorative rounded edging.
Slot Cutters...are used for forming slots in the edges of workpieces like those used in tongue-and-groove joinery.
Laminate and Veneer Trimming Bits
Combination Bits...These bits are designed to trim plastic laminates and veneers. Both flush and bevel trim bits are available but only carbide-tipped or solid carbide bits should be used for this type of work.
Piloted Straight Bits...are also designed for laminate trimming, but offer straight sides and no beveled cutting edges.

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