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Tip #20
Finishing & Finishing Techniques (continued)
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Caring for a Finish

Periodically, wood finishes need to be cleaned, refurbished, and polished. There are several products that will do this all at once.

Lemon oil is an excellent cleaning agent and keeps both the wood and the finish from drying out. Carnauba satin wax (mentioned earlier) also helps preserve the finish and will fill tiny scratches to restore the luster. When used in combination with an oil finish it forms a hard, protective surface coat. Avoid commercial “furniture polishes” that have additives that react with and ruin finishes.

Apply cleaning and polishing agents with a soft, loosely woven cloth - an old terrycloth towel works nicely. Rub vigorously to loosen the dirt, wipe, then rub again to work the oil or wax into the wood. Let dry, then buff with lamb's wool.

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