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Tip #177
All about Router Bits - Part 6
Tips for Mounting Router Bits

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  • When mounting router bits, insert the bit all the way into the collet (or chuck), then back it out about 1/16" to 1/8" before tightening. This simple technique will help prevent the transferring of heat and vibrations from the bit to the router motor armature.
  • Before inserting a bit into the collet or chuck, inspect both the bit and its holder to be sure they are clean and free of pitch build-up. If not, clean the collet (or chuck) and bit shank with a sawblade cleaner or oven cleaner prior to mounting. If you're using a bearing piloted bit, be sure NOT to get any solvents or cleaners on the bearings while performing this operation.
  • Always be certain the collet or chuck is tightened securely around the bit shank. Failure to do so could cause galling, which will ruin the bit, and potentially, the collet (or chuck).

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