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Tip #126
Making Smoother Bandsaw Scroll Cuts

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Try this trick for smoothing-out your Bandsaw scrolling cuts.

Rough cuts can often be a problem when using a bandsaw. Remember, Bandsaws are designed primarily for making irregular-shaped cuts in thicker materials...and doing so very quickly.

There are a lot of possible causes for rough cuts...from dull blades to lose guide blocks to too-fast feed rates. Here's another possible cause - and remedy for fixing it -- that few woodworkers think of.

If you're cutting a lot of tight radii, the squared-off back edges of a bandsaw blade can often catch and drag as you rotate your stock through these cuts. That's because the process for making most blades can leave burrs on these rear edges. Plus...of course...squared edges don't glide smoothly around tightly curved surfaces!

If you're experiencing these problems, turn on your bandsaw and use a sharpening stone to radius the back edges of your blades. This technique will not only stop this will also help to minimize damage to your guide blocks and back-up rollers...and make your blades last longer.

CAUTION: Do this slowly and carefully, exerting only light pressure as you rotate the stone around the back edge of the blade . Wear eye protection and KEEP YOUR HANDS WELL BEHIND AND CLEAR OF THE BLADE AS YOU PERFORM THIS OPERATION.

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