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Figure 10-1. The accessories that are used for routing are: (A) the circular shield and brace assembly, (B) router chuck, and (C) router bits. Also the rip fence and miter gauge are used to support and guide the stock.

The drill press mode of the Mark V can be used as a stationary router in both its vertical and horizontal positions. But to accomplish this, a special chuck is required to secure the high-speed bits because of the side thrust that is characteristic of routing operations. The chuck is locked firmly in place by securing its setscrew against the main spindle's tapered flat. Two setscrews lock the bits in the chuck. Router bits can be straight or, like the dovetail cutter, may have shaped cutting edges. The routing accessories are shown in Figure 10-1.

Routing cuts are made at high speed and with reasonable feed pressure so the bit can do its job without choking or burning. Always perform routing operations at “Fast” speed. Do not form excessively deep cuts in a single pass. Deep cuts are easier to make and the results will be smoother if you get to full depth of cut by making repeat passes no deeper than 1/4" or less, depending on the size of the bit.

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