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Tip #225
Spin proof Cabinet knobs

It seems like ordinary, round cabinet knobs just have a big problem
"knowing their place" - you know what I mean ?

Somehow, they loosen themselves up…start wobbling…and eventually just fall off.

So…here's a way to stop that, right now.

Pick a small 1/2" long wire brad…along with a small diameter drill bit that's the same diameter.

Drill an off-center pilot hole in the back side of the knob (on the surface that will contact your drawer front) that is about 1/8" shallower than your brad is long.

Insert the brad into your pilot hole (head-first). Attach the knob. When you tighten its screw, the brad point will be driven into your door (or drawer) front, keeping the knob from spinning (and eventually loosening).

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