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Tip #180
All about Router Bits - Part 9
Sharpening Router Bits

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As with all cutting tools, router bits require occasional sharpening for optimal performance. The cutting edges of high-speed steel and carbide-tipped bits can be easily honed in the shop by following these tips:

  • NEVER touch a sharpening stone to the outside curved or straight edge of a router bit, as this will alter the profile of the cut and the overall diameter of the bit.
  • Sharpen only the back (flat) edge of the bit flute by moving it back and forth across a flat sharpening stone surface (use appropriate lubricant)
  • High-speed steel bits may be sharpened with Arkansas or India stones, while carbide-tipped or solid carbide bits will require a diamond stone.
  • Bits that become extremely dull or nicked should either be replaced or taken to a professional sharpening service.

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