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Figure 9-1. The accessories used for fence shaping are: (A) shaper fence, (B) feather board guard, (C) shaper insert, (D) shaper arbor and cutter and (E) dust chute.

The difference between a plain edge and shaped one is often enough to elevate the beauty and elegance of the simplest project. The shaper not only makes it possible to embellish otherwise square, plain edges, but it also has practical applications as well. Among other things, you can form the parts of a drop leaf table joint, do drawer joints, make a tongue-and-groove joint, shape half-round or curved moldings, and so on.

The Mark V becomes a very efficient shaper when it is in the drill press mode and equipped with the special shaper accessories (Figures 9-1 and 9-2). The shaper insert should always be used to provide maximum support for the work around the cutting tool. For fence shaping the shaper fence is secured to the table. Both fence boards are adjustable endwise and front to back, so the opening for the cutters can be kept small for safety. The infeed board is screw-adjusted for depth of

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Figure 9-2. The accessories used for pin shaping are: (A) circular shield and brush, (B) pins, (C) shaper arbor and cutter, (D) shaper insert and (E) dust chute.

cut. Pins that are screwed into the shaper insert are used for pin shaping.

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