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Tip #181
Fixing Poor-Fitting Joinery

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Cutting and making multi-part joints such as dovetails and finger-laps fit snugly can be difficult. The more segments to the joint, the more important it is that your indexing fixtures are perfect. Any variations, however small, will be magnified many times as you move along while cutting the segments. The further you go with the process, the larger the gaps can get.

So, what do you do when you see unsightly gaps? Fill them. Here’s how. Simply take a small, hand-held “razor saw” and hold it at the same angle that was used to cut your original joint. Then, saw a kerf down the side of the poor-fitting.

Finally, take a small sliver of matching stock that’s the same thickness as your saw’s kerf and glue it into the kerf you just cut. Allow it to dry, sand it off and finish to match the rest of your project.

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