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Tip #25
Everything You Want To Know About Drilling

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There are three basic types of drilling commonly in use by today's woodworker - and dozens of different types of drilling bits and accessories available to make your work easier and ensure the best results.

Most beginning woodworkers give very little thought to the drilling of holes. As a rule, they already have a set of common twist bits and a portable electric drill. Often, they don't discover that drilling a clean, smooth hole in a piece of wood can be a real challenge until they've created a sloppy, splintery hole in their first “real” woodworking project. This hole could be out-of-round, drilled at an incorrect angle or just look bad enough that they wouldn't want anyone to see it.

Using the right tool for the job (portable electric drill, vertical drill press or horizontal boring machine) -- and choosing the proper bit -- can make a big difference in your final product. In this article, we're going to take a look at both of these factors -- plus -- provide some valuable tips for setting everything up correctly to achieve the best, most consistent results.

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