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Tip #130
Clog-Free Lathe Sanding

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Drywaller's aid brings added convenience to on-lathe sanding

Finish sanding turned objects is lots easier while your project is still mounted to the lathe. However, doing so with conventional sandpaper creates two problems - sandpaper clogging and heat build-up.

Here's the answer. Instead of using sandpaper, try using drywaller's sanding screens. Resembling common window screen, they contain abrasive particles that are fused directly to the screen. The openings in these screens, of course, allow all of the sanding dust to fall right through the openings, eliminating any clogging and minimizing heat build-up.

They're readily available in a variety of grits from your local home center or drywall supply house. Be aware, however, that they are not as flexible as sandpaper. As a result, they're not well-suited for sanding in tight nooks and crannies.

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