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Tip #231
Non-stick clamp/vise jaws

You've finished your assembly and the glue has dried. Time to remove the clamps…BUT WAIT ! What's this ? The jaws of your wooden handscrew are firmly glued to your workpieces. DRAT !

Don't fret. This problem is easy to avoid. Here are two solutions:

1: Before you attach your clamp(s) around your adjoining workpieces, slap a couple of pieces of 2" wide masking tape onto the surfaces of your stock where the clamps will be.

2: If you're using wooden handscrews, be sure their jaws are well oiled with linseed or a similar oil. This will keep the glue from sticking to them. After you've oiled them, wipe them down thoroughly to eliminate any excess that could stain your projects - then allow them to sit for a couple of weeks prior to use.


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