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Tip #31
Band Sawing Versatility (continued)
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Bevel Cuts

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Figure 14-24. The miter gauge can be used to guide and support the stock when making bevel cuts.

To make bevel cuts, simply tilt the table to the desired angle and secure the tilt lock. If the accuracy of the cutting angle is critical, check the tilt with a protractor or drafting triangle.

You can make bevel cuts freehand, or you can use the miter gauge to guide and support the stock. After the table is adjusted to the proper tilt, lock the miter gauge in the table slot that runs perpendicular to the flat of the blade, so that the miter gauge is on the right or downhill side of the blade facing up. This will keep the stock from sliding down the table while mak-ing the cut (Figure 14-24).

Adjust the upper blade guide so that it's as close to the stock as possible. The left or uphill side of the stock should barely clear the left guide block.

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Figure 14-25. This is how to use the V-block arrangement to cut chamfers. The table tilt will determine the angle of the chamfer. The miter gauge with an extension supports the stock.

As you cut, hold the stock firmly on the table and against the miter gauge. If you're making this cut freehand, be careful not to let the stock slip downhill. This will put side pressure on the blade, making it hard for you to follow the pattern line and possibly bogging down the bandsaw.

Use the same setup for cutting triangular glue blocks or for forming chamfers (Figure 14-25). The angle of the chamfer is determined by how much you tilt the table.

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