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Tip #31
Band Sawing Versatility (continued)
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Pattern Sawing

Figure 14-35. This is the setup to use for doing patten sawing. The front edge of the guide block can be straight or round depending on the shape of the workpiece you will be cutting. Click image for larger view.

Pattern sawing is a method of working so that a pattern, shaped like the part that is needed, can be used as a guide to cut duplicate pieces. This eliminates the need to do layout on individual pieces and assures exact duplication.

The technique is detailed in Figure 14-35. The guide block, clamped to the table, is undercut at one end to permit passage of the material being cut and is notched to accommodate the blade's width and thickness. The workpiece, cut to rough size and shape, is held to the underside of the pattern with short brads that protrude from the pattern just enough to catch the workpiece.

Sawing is done by guiding the pattern along the edge of the guide block. Since the blade is positioned by the notch in the guide block, the work is automatically cut to the shape of the pattern.

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