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Tip #31
Band Sawing Versatility (continued)
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Pivot Sawing

Figure 14-38. Construcion details of a pivot sawing fixture.

You can cut circles on the bandsaw the same way you would cut any curved line; but if you wish to automatically gauge the cut or need many similar pieces, a pivot fixture can be used. One that you can make is detailed in Figure 14-38. It is important that the fixture be situated so the pivot point is directly on line with the tips of the blade's teeth and that the blade be sharp and free of lead.

Figure 14-39. Using the pivot sawing fixture to cut a circle. Take it very easy when you start the pass to give the blade a chance to get into the cut.

The best way to work is to first cut the piece or pieces square with a side-length to match the diameter of the circle you need. Hold the workpiece against the blade as you press it down on the pivot point. When you start the blade turning, it will crowd the workpiece a bit, so you must be careful to allow the blade to work into the stock. After that it's just a question of rotating the workpiece to complete the pass (Figure 14-39).

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