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Tip #31
Band Sawing Versatility (continued)
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Cutting Particle Board, Plastics & Metals

As mentioned earlier, your bandsaw will also cut materials other than solid wood and plywood. These include particle board, plastic, plastic laminates, and soft, nonferrous metals such as brass, copper, and aluminum. Warning: Before cutting metals, clean sawdust out of the bandsaw because hot pieces of metal could ignite sawdust. Also remember that particle board releases toxic formaldehyde gas when cut. When cutting particle board, always work in a well-ventilated room.

Caution: When cutting materials other than wood, always use a combination blade. You can ruin a woodworking blade immediately if you attempt to use iton tough materials like these. Even a combination blade will dull rapidly if you use it constantly for cutting these materials. Also, work at 'Slow' speed.

Figure 14-45. When cutting metal, apply oil to the cutting line to help keep the blade from overheating.

Feed the stock very slowly-give the blade plenty of time to cut. When cutting nonferrous metal, put a drop or two of oil on the pattern line every inch or so to help keep the blade from overheating (Figure 14-45). Warning: If you're cutting round stock, such as pipe, hold it securely with a miter gauge or V-block to help prevent the teeth from catching it and spinning It out of your hands.

Caution: When you're finished cutting particle board, plastics, or metals, remove the bandsaw cover and clean the tires thoroughly with a stiff bristle brush. If you don't, the filings and chips will become imbedded in the tires and damage them. Also clean the blade.

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