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Tip #31
Band Sawing Versatility (continued)
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Setup and Features

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Figure 14-1. The Bandsaw can be mounted on (A) the MARK V or (B) on a Shopsmith Power Stand.

To set up your bandsaw, follow the instructions in the Owners Manual that came with your bandsaw.

As you work with the bandsaw, you'll find that it has several special features:

  • The bandsaw can be mounted on the Mark V or a Shopsmith Power Stand (Figure 14-1).
  • The cutoff capacity is 10-1/2"
    -the distance across the machine's throat. However, with the blade offset 30 right, you can cut off (freehand) any length of stock up to 3-7/8" wide. The bandsaw will cut stock up to 6" thick.
  • The bandsaw accepts continuous-loop blades 72" long and 1/16" to 5/8" wide.
    Bandsaw blades are mounted on two wheels, 11" in diameter. Both wheels are covered with rubber tires to protect the teeth of the blades and provide traction. The idler (upper) wheel revolves on needle bearings, while the drive (lower) wheel revolves on sealed ball bearings. The blades are tensioned by adjusting the position of the idler wheel.
  • The table surface is 11-3/4" (front to back) by 12" (right to left). The table can be tilted from "0" to 45 right (away from the frame). It has an adjustable positive stop at "0." If this stop is removed, it can be tilted an additional 5 left.
  • Figure 14-2. The bandsaw/disc sander is a logical dual-purpose setup, but the speeds used must be that of the bandsaw, not the disc sander.
    The bandsaw mounts on the power mount end of the Mark V. Warning: You can run the bandsaw together with a disc or drum sander (Figure 14-2) as long as you remember that the dual setup must run at bandsaw speeds.
  • You can supply extra support for long stock by setting up the Mark V worktable and the rip fence as shown in Figure 14-3. Since the carriage can be positioned anywhere between the power plant and the end of the machine, you can adjust to supply support where it is most needed.

  • Figure 14-3. You can get extra support for long workpieces by using the MARK V worktable and rip fence this way.

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