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Tip #31
Band Sawing Versatility (continued)
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Warning: Before using the bandsaw, read and understand these important safety instructions:

Danger Zone-The bandsaw danger zone is 3" out from the blade in all directions.

Use a push stick whenever you need to maneuver a workpiece inside the danger zone. This safety device helps protect your hands and fingers. A push stick also gives you better control when you're working near the blade.

Always replace the cover on your bandsaw before you turn it on--never operate the machine without the protective cover. And remember there is a blade guard attached to the upper blade guide. This guard automatically covers the unused portion of the blade when the guides are adjusted properly. Always adjust the upper blade guides to a maximum of 1/4" above the stock. Not only is this safer; it gives the blade better support.

  • Wear proper eye and ear protection and a dust mask.
  • Do not remove stock or scraps until the blade has stopped.
  • Maintain proper adjustment of blade tension, blade guides and bearings.
  • Keep the upper guide adjusted to a maximum of 1/4" above the stock.
  • Never reach close to the blade or under the table while the machine is running.
  • Hold stock firmly against the table.
  • Never attempt a turn tighter than the blade will allow. Otherwise, the blade might break or jam.
  • Use a push stick to finish a resawing or ripping cut.
  • Support long stock with a roller stand.
  • Hold round stock in a V-block.
  • Never cut extremely small stock. Cut small components from larger stock.
  • If the blade breaks, turn off the machine and stand away until it stops.
  • Whenever you mount and operate the bandsaw on the Mark V, secure the accessory mount lock, power plant lock and the bandsaw mounting tubes.
  • Never turn on the machine with stock pressed against the blade.
  • If you hear a ticking sound or unusual noise, stop the bandsaw immediately. A ticking sound often means a damaged blade.
  • If you're using a Shopsmith Power Stand, be sure you're using the proper pulley and belt combination and that the pulley and belt are properly guarded.

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