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Tip #31
Band Sawing Versatility (continued)
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Figure 14-14. By mounting the miter gauge in the table slot that runs parallel to the flat of the blade, you can crosscut and miter.

As mentioned earlier, the table slots allow you to use the miter gauge with safety grip for many bandsaw operations. By mounting the miter gauge in the slot that's parallel to the flat of the blade, you can make crosscuts and miter cuts similar to the cuts made on a table saw (Figure 14-14). Your cut-off capacity, however, is limited to 10-1/2 ". Any longer than that and the stock will strike the bandsaw frame.

To increase the cutoff capacity when crosscutting, you can offset the blade. When the blade is off-set, you can cut off any length of stock that you can safely handle, as long as the stock is not more than 3-7/8" wide. However, when the blade is offset, you must crosscut without the miter gauge.

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