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Tip #188
Preventing Spray Can Nozzle Plugging

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Remember the last time you reached for a spray can filled with an expensive finish, only to discover that the nozzle was plugged…as was every other spray can nozzle in the shop ?

The common way to avoid this problem is to turn the can upside-down after each use and give it a short burst or two to force propellant through the nozzle, clearing it of any remaining finish.

But, if you do a lot of short finish bursts like this, you’ll eventually run out of propellant (while there’s still plenty of finish left). So, now you have plenty of finish left…but no propellant to push it out! Hrumph !

One way to avoid this is to keep a spray can of brake cleaner or carburetor cleaner around the shop. Then, when you’re through spraying, remove the nozzle from the can of finish, stick it into the brake or carburetor cleaner can and give it a short burst to clear out all the crud and put it back onto your finish can.

However, the next time you want to use that finish, be sure to give it a burst or two into a trash can or other location prior to spraying your project….just to be sure none of the solvent is left in the nozzle.

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