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Tip #33
Tips & Techniques For Better Lathe Turning (continued)
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Parting The Project From The Scrap

Once everything is shaped and sanded, you'll want to Part the project (in this case, a spindle) from the scrap at each end of your turning. To do this, slow your Lathe way down and use your Parting Tool to gradually make a partial cut at each end of your spindle. Support the spindle by encircling it with your left thumb and forefinger while you move the Chisel into the stock with your right hand (reverse for left-handers), making a cut at each end until you have about a 3/16" diameter piece of stock holding the scrap to the finished turning. At this point, turn off your Lathe, remove your turning and use a small razor saw to sever the scrap from your finished turning.

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